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We are an assets management and finance consultancy firm positioned to meet the ever-changing demands and requirements of our clients in the 21st century.

Since inception, we have strategically positioned ourselves to take advantage of growth prospects in the Nigerian and African markets on behalf of our clients. Over the last few years, Sewa Assets has established a strong reputation for market expertise in asset management, investment advisory, business intelligence, consultancy, and financial support services.


Established since 2008

Our Services

SEWA works actively with various strategic alliances and partners with spread across the globe to deliver value to its teeming clients across industries. These strategic partners have the same shared values with us, possess strong brands and have verifiable credentials, experience and track records that will enable us deliver comprehensive value to all our clients in timely manner.

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Financial Advisory
Mutual Funds
Real Estate Investment
Wealth Management
Alternative Investments
Research & Statistical Analysis

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