What We Do

SEWA works actively with various strategic alliances and partners with spread across the globe to deliver value to its teeming clients across industries. These strategic partners have the same shared values with us, possess strong brands and have verifiable credentials, experience and track records that will enable us deliver comprehensive value to all our clients in timely manner.


Assets Management

Sewa Asset Management offers professional asset management services to maximize returns on investment while managing risk.

Mutual Funds

The company provides various mutual fund options, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios and access asset classes such as equities,.......

Wealth Management

Sewa Asset Management offers personalized wealth management solutions to high-net-worth individuals, providing comprehensive......

Financial Advisory

The company provides financial advisory services to assist clients in making informed investment decisions, conducting market research, and developing .......

Real Estate Investment

Sewa Asset Management offers real estate investment opportunities, allowing investors to participate in property ownership and rental income generation.

Alternative Investments

Sewa Asset Management may provide access to alternative investment opportunities such as private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds.......


Our treasury investment services encompass money market investments, foreign exchange investments, and fixed-income investment portfolios.


We have a wide range of financing solutions to facilitate the smooth operation and growth of your business covering corporate lending, Project finance......

Research & Statistical Analysis

We offer accurate and relevant analysis of market trends and tendencies to help investors make better-informed decisions.
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